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how can you shoot better?

The HoopShooter Pro™, is a patented basketball shooting and training aid that helps players keep their hands and arms in the most advantageous position before and after the release of the basketball. Once you remove the HoopShooter Pro after practicing with it on, it feels like you are still wearing it. This effect is called a 'muscle memory' effect.

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The HoopShooter Pro™ shot training device is very light weight and flexible. It allows free movement of the hands. It will make learning the mechanics of shooting more predictable and rewarding to the athlete.
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why professional trainers are raving about it hoopshooter pro

"The HoopShooter Pro is a great shot training aid that helps build muscle memory for proper shooting form. I have found that the HoopShooter Pro is easy to use and works in a matter of minutes when training players. You can instantly see improved shooting mechanics and proper hand placement. By correcting the hand placement, it allows me to focus on more technical shooting needs of each player during training sessions. The HoopShooter Pro fixes a common tendency to pull off the ball and helps you finish your shot. Because it is 1 size fits all, it allows me to use the device with my Youth, High School, College and Pro players that I train".                                               Jason Wright, JW Basketball Academy


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what real players say
  • I think it is a great idea! My shot has improved drastically in 3 to 4 days.                                                                                      Delisha Milton Jones, WNBA Champion and 2 Time Olympic Gold Medalist for the USA                                                                                   Read More
  • I have worked with Collegiate and Pro players using the HoopShooter Pro. This is a great device that creates muscle memory for proper shooting mechanics                                                                          Jim Cleamons,   NBA  Los Angeles Lakers Assistant Coach                                                                                                                                                                                                       Read More
  • National Junior Basketball (NJB)  has kids from 3rd grade thru High School that love the results they are seeing with the HoopShooter Pro!                                                                                                                        Dennis Murphy, Founder, President and Commissioner, National Junior Basketball (NJB)                                                                                                                 Read More
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