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  •  Rated #1 : "Most Versatile and Best Shooting Aid on the Market" by Leading Seller of Basketball Training Aids 
  •  One size fits all / Youth to Professional Athletes
  •  Perfect for  all non-contact drills
  •  Can be worn connected or apart during drills
  •  Easy to learn how to use / Works in minutes
  •  Eliminates common drifting of the guide hand (non-shooting hand)
  •  A trainer's 'Dream' in teaching the perfect shot (hastens mastery)
  •  Easily allows a "One handed shot"
  •  Contains magnets that stay together during proper form/ Separates when using improper form
  •  Gives wrist and arm muscles a great workout
  •  Helps keep elbows 'in' during shot / Can slide HSP closer toward elbows to correct a more 'stubborn' bad habit
  •  Excellent muscle memory effect
  •  Very light weight, flexible and comfortable to wear
  •  Can be worn with the magnets disconnected during dribbling and passing drills without removing the HSP
  •  Looks 'Professional' / Black and Dark Gray colors
  •  Great 'free throw' training aid / Easy to duplicate perfect form, shot after shot
  •  Can shoot right or left handed without making adjustments to the HSP
  •  Classic 'HoopShooter Pro'  logo on both wristbands
  •  Can write name on gray flexible plastic with black indelible marker to identify 'your' HSP from others
  •  Creates excitement, confidence and fun in shooting practice
  •  Helps to eliminate many bad shooting habits
                     Click, Shoot, SCORE !


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